Surprising Career Changes Of Once Famous Celebrities


Most people think that stardom is the final step in the lives of celebrities. But that is often far from the truth. Being a famous public figure is incredibly stressful and many stars turn away from this life to follow a much more humble career later on. There are many reasons for that, maybe they got tired of the paparazzi or they simply want to spend more time with the family. Let’s take a look at the surprising career changes of the following ex-stars.

Julia Stiles

Back in the 1990s, Julia Stiles played multiple roles in award-nominated films. She was in the prime of her career but when she got married and started a family, Julia realized there is more to life than being a famous actress. Over the years she has turned away from acting and instead focused on humanitarian work as well as taking care of her family. That being said, Julia Stiles did feature in a few smaller movie projects such as Trouble.